Hidden system settings


com.webos.settingsService is responsible for persistent user-facing system configuration. There are multiple configuration variables which are not available anywhere in the UI.

Settings are split up into "categories", and thus will be presented like that below.

In order to get specific setting keys this command can be used:

luna-send -f -n 1 'luna://com.webos.settingsservice/getSystemSettings' '{"category":"general", "keys": ["noSignalScreenSaver"]}'

In order to get all settings of a specific category:

luna-send -f -n 1 'luna://com.webos.settingsservice/getSystemSettings' '{"category":"general"}'

In order to set a single or multiple settings:

luna-send -f -n 1 'luna://com.webos.settingsservice/setSystemSettings' '{"category":"general", "settings": {"noSignalScreenSaver":"off"}}'

Settings list