webOS Homebrew Project

Welcome to webOS Homebrew Project!

We are a community surrounded around homebrew (unofficial software) development for LG webOS Smart TV platform.

What Does It Do?

Our main points of interest are:

Our community has some overlap with RootMyTV and OpenLGTV teams, but each has its distinct purpose. (root access exploitation and low level hardware reversing respectively)

Our main points of contact are #homebrew channel on OpenLGTV Discord and Matrix channel.

Getting Started

Currently, the easiest method of enjoying homebrew software on webOS is using Homebrew Channel, which is automatically installed when using RootMyTV exploit. Homebrew Channel is a user friendly unofficial "application store".

Alternative method, if your TV is not vulnerable to RootMyTV exploit chain, is to enable Developer Mode on a TV and then use our Device Manager app.

Keep in mind this has a downside of requiring "Developer Mode Session" renewal in "Developer Mode" every 48 hours. Alternatively, if you are technically profficient, machine in a local network can periodically refresh the token for you using a script like one of these.

Find Apps

Repository of webOS homebrew applications can be viewed on the web on The same repository is also accessible in Homebrew Channel app by default.

For Developers