Official documentation

Undocumented options

dialAppName [string]

Default: none

Settings this option will expose an application available for launched via DIAL Protocol (see: /usr/palm/services/com.webos.service.dial)

YouTube and Netflix apps have some special handling, but they still can be overriden by an unofficial app.

Official YouTube app has "dialAppName": "youtube". Installed apps are ordered lexicographically based on their IDs - when multiple apps declare the same dialAppName the last one will be the one triggered via DIAL.

noSplashOnLaunch [boolean]

Default: false

Disables app splashscreen.

spinnerOnLaunch [boolean]

Default: true

Shows a spinner if splashscreen is disabled. Set this to false to disable any app launch indication.

defaultWindowType [string]

Default: card; supported: favoriteshows, favorateshows, floating, minimal, popup, screenSaver, showcase

When set to overlay an (web) app will be rendered above existing application. Make sure its background-color is set to transparent.

An overlay app is automatically closed when opening home screen.

tileSize [string]

Default: normal

When set to large tile on home screen will be twice the width.

visible [boolean]

Default: true

Settings this to false will hide an application from home screen. Application is still launchable via com.webos.applicationmanager calls and its services are callablae.

supportGIP [boolean]

Default: false

Allows application to be registered using as an input application.

trustLevel [string]

Default: default

This option determines application runtime mode. By default for user-installed applications only default (default) and netcast values are supported.

WebApps running as netcast have some of their APIs limited:

vendorExtensions [object]

vendorExtensions.userAgent [string]

Supported only in netcast mode

This replaces User-Agent WebAppMgr browser uses. Certain dynamic replacements are suported:

vendorExtensions.allowCrossDomain [boolean]

Supported only in netcast mode; default: false

Disables HTTP CORS request validation.