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SAM may cache the contents of appinfo.json at boot, and it is not possible to modify built-in apps before this occurs. Therefore, if you want to modify appinfo.json for built-in apps, you will likely have to restart sam for changes to take effect.

Undocumented options

dialAppName [string]

Default: none

Settings this option will expose an application available for launched via DIAL Protocol (see: /usr/palm/services/com.webos.service.dial)

YouTube and Netflix apps have some special handling, but they still can be overriden by an unofficial app.

Official YouTube app has "dialAppName": "youtube". Installed apps are ordered lexicographically based on their IDs - when multiple apps declare the same dialAppName the last one will be the one triggered via DIAL.

noSplashOnLaunch [boolean]

Default: false

Disables app splashscreen.

spinnerOnLaunch [boolean]

Default: true

Shows a spinner if splashscreen is disabled. Set this to false to disable any app launch indication.

defaultWindowType [string]

Default: card; supported: favoriteshows, favorateshows, floating, minimal, popup, screenSaver, showcase

When set to overlay an (web) app will be rendered above existing application. Make sure its background-color is set to transparent.

An overlay app is automatically closed when opening home screen.

tileSize [string]

Default: normal

When set to large tile on home screen will be twice the width.

visible [boolean]

Default: true

Settings this to false will hide an application from home screen. Application is still launchable via com.webos.applicationmanager calls and its services are callablae.

supportGIP [boolean]

Default: false

Allows application to be registered using as an input application.

trustLevel [string]

Default: default

This option determines application runtime mode. By default for user-installed applications only default (default) and netcast values are supported.

WebApps running as netcast have some of their APIs limited:

inspectable [boolean]

Default: true for Developer Mode apps; false otherwise

Allows this app to be debugged using Chrome DevTools (chrome://inspect). Connect on port 9998 for non-system apps.

useCORSWhitelist [string]

Specifies the name of a JSON file containing a CORS whitelist configuration. A matching signature file (with the same filename followed by .sig) is required. The signature is Base64-encoded, with the underlying binary data being 256 bytes long. The signature algorithm is currently unknown.

cloudgame_active [boolean]

Default: false

This option allows application to handle game controller input. Since webOS 8.3.0 (FW 03.30.60), game controller input becomes recognized as navigation and volume control. For applications that handle game controller input, this causes double input. Setting this option to true will disable this behavior.

vendorExtensions [object]

vendorExtensions.userAgent [string]

Supported only in netcast mode

This replaces User-Agent WebAppMgr browser uses. Certain dynamic replacements are suported:

vendorExtensions.allowCrossDomain [boolean]

Supported only in netcast mode; default: false

Disables HTTP CORS request validation.